A little about us

Welcome to our crazy world! Jamie and I are so thankful for your support!

I am from Fort Myers, Florida. My family is Portuguese and very proud of it 😉 I love essie nail-polish and Old Navy. Purple and green are my favorite colors and I love sparkles and shooting stars. My favorite book of the Bible is Romans. Sometimes I can be feisty and troublesome 😉 I love Taylor Swift, board games, hot chocolate, reading, and spending time with my amazing hubby, Jamie! I write a lot about Jamie because he is the love of my life and… well… because sometimes he is more interesting than I am lol

Jamie is from Garner, North Carolina. He is southern to the core and I love it! Funny things are always happening to him; He once got covered in nail-polish holding Lucy down to get her nails painted (to help our groomer surprise me for Christmas) simply because he loves me 🙂 He loves gadgets and figuring things out. He is perfectly content with his nose in a book! He gets so excited when he helps people tap into their true potential. I have never seen a more godly man. He also makes the best hot chocolate, ever.

Jesus Christ is our Lord and Savior and we seek to glorify Him in everything we do. We are going to serve the Lord at Grace Harvest Baptist Church ( http://www.graceharvestbaptist.org ) We have been married for over 2 years and we have two pomeranians pups which we adore. We have a passion to reach the youth of this nation and to reveal the gospel to them. Our prayer is that the Lord will use us to help raise up a godly generation.


One thought on “A little about us

  1. Praise the LORD it is a blessings to see that there are true men and women of God putting HIM first in all that they do, I love your site and your taco recipe 🙂 Continue to let the Lord use you to change a generation for HIM for it is ALL about the Kingdom of GOD doing the work that He has commissioned us to do to finish the work that HE came and started to redeem man/woman back to Him. Blessings to you in all that you set your hearts to do in Jesus Christ the Son of The One and only True and Living GOD


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