God is so good! Praise Him!


I can’t help but marvel at the ways of the Lord. It’s crazy how doubt manages to creep in despite the overwhelming evidences of Gods work in my life. The funny thing is, He doesn’t need to reveal His works to me, but He does anyway to increase my faith.

So, I finally got a job 🙂 God worked in amazing ways to provide exactly what we needed. I start on Monday!! Though it will be hard work (nannying for two little ones), I know that this new endeavor will be blessed by the Lord.

Some more good news from the Ezzells:

Due to the nature of Jamie’s previous job, I have been unable to see my family for ANY holidays since we’ve been married. My heart has been so troubled about three Christmas’ away from my family. Since Jamie is now in the ministry, we will be able to see my family this year! So we are in the process of planning our Florida Christmas trip 🙂 God is so good!

And… some MORE amazing news:

A few days ago I never would have thought I’d be saying this but… it is a good possibility that Jamie and I will be going to AFRICA. The trip is probably going to be late December of 2013… yep folks… THIS YEAR! Our fantastic church [Grace Harvest Baptist Church of Amelia, VA] will be meeting up with a missionary that we support in Uganda. Though we are still praying about it all [this is a very premature announcement].

It is so astounding… how much God is moving here. He is so faithful and generous to us. I love seeing Jamie as he making an impact for Christ. 2013 has already been a big year for us! We are so excited about… well… everything! We have been settling in to our new home and adjusting to our new schedules. I wont deny that their has been bumps in the road, but we are taking things in strides and depending on Christ.


2 thoughts on “God is so good! Praise Him!

  1. God Bless you both on your new adventures in God’s work. As He open doors for you He will supply everything yall will need. God Bless and I’m looking forward to getting to know you both better. Sandra Boswell 🙂

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