The BIG news!!!


First let me just say thank you guys for being great friends! It is uplifting that so many of our friends have been so encouraging and supportive to us! God has been working in some major ways!

As many of you know, Jamie and I have settled into a nice routine. He is working as a manager and I am a nanny for a great family that I have been with for over 2 years. He goes to school and has at least 2 years left to complete his Masters of Divinity. Since we had no idea where we would end up, we have been living in a nice apartment complex in the Raleigh area. Well, as many of my Christian brothers and sister know, when you get “comfortable” in life… sometimes God will shake things up a little 😉

Alright alright, here goes. Out of the blue we get a call. Jamie was recommended for a youth/childrens pastor position. Jamie spoke with the pastor and they hit it off. He wanted us to come visit and so, we did. Jamie and I both felt such a connection to the wonderful church leadership & their wives (for me anyway). I don’t think we have ever felt so “at home” in a completely new place before. The feeling was mutual with the church leadership. After much fasting and prayer, we made a decision.

This January, Jamie and I will be moving to Amelia, Virginia. He will be ordained and he will settle into his first paid ministry position. We feel God all over this thing, he has confirmed that this is His will for us over and over.

This is a big step for us. Like I said, we weren’t looking for this. Jamie has not been applying for jobs or anything – the Almighty just plopped it into our path. But with this blessing, we are taking a step of faith. I am praying that I will find another great family to work for and we are trying to save up for a down payment for our first house. Since we plan on staying for awhile, we are looking at buying our first home in (hopefully) a year and we have a better idea of when we plan to expand our little family 😉

We are not worrying about the details, the Lord brought us to this point and he will work out the little things too. We are tackling each issue at it arises and I know that we will have support from our new church family too.

We are going to miss our friends and family here. We will also miss our church family here – especially the youth group. However, we are so excited to see what the Lord has in store. I know He is going to use my husband in mighty ways. God is so good to us, His mercy is everlasting!

I will keep you all in the loop when more things fall into place. Thanks again for the love and support.


2 thoughts on “The BIG news!!!

  1. I’m going to miss you guys so much, but I can’t wait to see what God has in store for you two! So beyond excited to hear about the church and everything up there. We’ll be praying for you guys!! 🙂

    • Aw Katelyn we are definitely going to miss you too! You are always such a joy to be around ❤ But we will definitely keep in touch and make sure you keep an eye on my blog 😉 Love you!!

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