Our Story … time to catch up!


Hi there friends and family!! Blogging is something I always wanted to try… especially when Jamie and I tied the knot just over 2 years ago. So, here we are. I hope to keep you in loop with the many adventures we encounter in the Ezzell family. I think it is only fitting to start this thing off with where it began.

Jamie and I met in August of 2007. His interest was peaked right away, though I hate to say he was just another face of many I had met in my brother dorm that day. Eventually, we became friends and grew closer as the Lord orchestrated events in my life to rely more on our friendship. When Jamie told me how he felt about me I was shocked. He was so handsome, clever, and godly I was sure he was out of my league.

I was reluctant about dating, but Jamie was not going to give up easily. He was so sure of us every step of the way, and that confidence encouraged me. By October we were falling in love. It’s hard to believe that was 5 years ago.

Since then, we both graduated from Liberty University (Jamie in 2008 and I in 2010). Jamie proposed on my birthday (March 16th) and we were married October 23rd of that year (2010). Jamie has been working as a Customer Service Manager at Lowes Foods and I have been working my bootay off as a full time nanny (for the same family for 2 years now). Along the way we adopted two adorable pomeranian pups (Lucy in March 2011 and Molly in August 2012) and we are crazy about them!


Jamie is still working toward his masters of divinity, and with a full time job and full time school, we aren’t left with much extra time. However, we also serve at our church. We started with children and now we teach the high school every Sunday morning. Though we don’t have as much time to give as we would like, it is evident that this is where our heart is.

We have been very blessed, and we are at a great place. Our marriage has only grown stronger, especially since we have gotten serious about praying together and doing devotions as a couple. My heart swells with love when I gaze up at my husband. He is so strong, so handsome, so godly, so… out of my league. How did I get someone like that? I don’t deserve Jamie’s love but God blesses me with it anyway.Oh wait, Christ has renewed me. He loves me so much that he took the blame for my sin and gave me his righteousness. I am becoming who God created me to be, and that is beautiful.


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